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If you are interested in viscoelastic and friction of soft materials,

Please utilize the experience and knowledge of our means.


    The concept of "High frequency Viscoelasticity"  will give a new view point in the field of  tribology (friction, wear, contact, lubrication) of soft materials such as rubber. 

・Energy loss (attenuation) due to the deformation in the viscoelasticity has been referred to Internal friction, hysteresis loss, the loss tangent tanδ, internal friction, the inner Worn.
・Behavior of hysteresis loss of polymers, has been said to be depending on the molecular structure.
・Behavior at high frequencies of the order of megahertz (MHz) of this hysteresis loss, it is said that there is a correlation with the wet grip of the tires.
In our company, the use of the ultrasound, you eliminate the need for such low-temperature test and temperature time conversion (WLF conversion).
・If it is possible to prepare a 1mm about the thickness of the sheet, you can easily high frequency of tanδ measured at room temperature.

・So you can, also in the same way hysteresis loss measurement of liquid, you may be able to discover the unknown of the physical properties of the ink and the food, cosmetics.

  This technology area  is indispensable to the safety, comfort, energy saving of the daily life  field such as technologies for shoes, OA equipment (printer, copy machine & ATM)  and particularly vehicles TIRE's main issue.  

  We are considering its application as improved method to evaluate impact strength and aging of the polymeric material.

  Presently we are developing an improve measurement and evaluation equipment as a tool to support the application and expansion of the "HighFrequency ViscoElasticity" technology.

  For example, what do you do If you are able to show in the"HighFrequency ViscoElasticity" properties of the material at the actual operating temperature rather than the coefficient of friction, as the grip of the tires on a rainy day ?

   It is possible to provide a common language for materials developers and product developers to change basically the development efficiency.

      If you could measure quantitatively degradation of the physical properties of the  product surface in your environment,

We believe that will  become possible continue to maintain the safety and security also.


The PROPERIS HFR         Liq-mini                   HFRU                              The PROPERIS RRL

High Frequency          Chamber for liqid      Rheometer collaboration      Friction & Slip rate

Rheometer                ( IJ-ink, solution )                                                measuerment appratus                                                                                                                           

  The measurement and evaluation equipment is being sold as a tool to support the application and expansion of the high-frequency viscoelastic technology.

 HighFrequency ViscoElastic Co.  will continue to the new proposal based on our core technology.

Product & Core technology to Abut Us


  We run this site in order to convey our project and technology that has been developed so far.

    Our professional staff do every day research in order to propose a new .

    We offer to our clients as technology services this achievement.

    We are also promoting collaboration with universities researchers.

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