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 We will continue to propose "Products and Services"  based on our "core technology".

 *We will accept the Contract measurement.  en-Contact Us ,Business


1. Core technology

High frequency Viscoelasticity measurement technology

  Features are included viscoelasticity observation of the time change in process and surface physical property measurements on actual product itself. 

  High frequency Viscoelasticity measurement can be used for the product in the actual use temperature .

We call "3R" as these features.



   ・ Real Time

     observe physical properties changing in the reaction field. in situ.

   ・Real Sample    

     evaluate the actual product itself.  do you need specimen?

   ・Real Condition

           without the time-temperature conversion that is required cryostat,  

           in use status and the actual temperature.



2. Products and Services

1) HighFrequency Rheometer HFR  Equipment development and measurement services

  We will cover up to field measurements from the basic research of High frequency Viscoelasticity by the sensor unit matched for each object .       First of all to start with, about what you want to measure any material why not email us.

  CAT-002_HFR002_pamf_20211116.pdf (448,4 kB)

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  *We mainly provide contract measurement services for YOUR samples. Business

    Measurement data example:  Technical Data


2)Technology management support

  We would like to support of new business areas and business revitalization by taking advantage of the experience that gained in instrumentation development. 

    In addition to technology deep tillage, commercialization ideas by contact with the customer become increasingly important in the future.
    We propose from such a point of view.

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