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1.Viscoelasticity measurement

1)Viscoelasticity measurement basic set  HFR002


  Outline of HFR 20150610.pdf

2)Viscoelasticity measurement for a solid 

 ①Shear strain addition unit Ls

   Ls-HFR catalogs ver2.0.pdf

3)Viscoelasticity measurement for a liquid 

 ①Rheometer composite unit HFRU

   HFRU catalogs 20170216.pdf

 ②Liquid cell with rotating disk LIQ-R

   LIQ-R catalogspdf

 ③Liquid cell      LIQ-F

   LIQ-F catalogs .pdf

2.Friction measurement 

 1)Friction measurement basic set RRL

   Introdaction for RRL V3.3.pdf