We set up Yokohama-lab

04/01/2014 12:44
 6.1.2014   We set up Yokohama-lab in Yokohama city . I will promote technology development in a better space.

English page has been added

14/07/2013 09:15
For more guest, we have added English page.

Business matching meetings in Yokosuka

06/07/2013 14:59
I was allowed to participate in the business matching meetings Kanagawa Industrial Promotion Center sponsored, which was held in Yokosuka on July 4. I have had matching in ordering party side mingled in large companies. Thank you everyone of many companies that I was allowed to...

HighFrequency ViscosityElasticity Corporation. Established

28/05/2013 15:41
HighFrequency ViscosityElasticity Corporation. Established in 27th MAY 2013

Please write your feedback to us

28/05/2013 03:25
Do you have any questions about the service? en-Contact Us will be welcome your feedback in order to continue the best service from this place.

Welcome to our new website

28/05/2013 03:24
We would like to introduce the launch of the new web site of us. You can see information about upcoming events and latest news of all of us. Our goal is that it provides all of the information for the new service to be available and up-to-date information to you. Our souce of strength is...
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